Wedding in Germany

Wedding Photos in Germany

Chris and Rosi had their wedding in the beautiful town of Dachau, Germany. It was a hot summers day and we used the beautiful Dachau castle gardens to get some photos in. It’s hard to go wrong with a stunning couple like this, in a stunning location! These two had a sweet and emotional ceremony at the local town hall. And from there on, the day was just filled with fun with many surprises planned for them. The band led the party and traditional games started in early afternoon, going on for many hours. There were plenty of tears on this day but only tears of love and laughter.


Bavaria, Germany. Bavaria is a state in the South-East of Germany. It's a very picturesque state with it's well-known castles, beautiful churches and lakes and gardens. I lived here for 3,5 years and very much enjoyed the different photo opportunities.


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