Sweet, baby Lana.

Newborn Photos in Melbourne

Sweet, baby Lana was more than happy to let me take her photo. She spent most of our session contentedly watching me with her gorgeous big eyes. Newborn photos are not only about capturing photos of the newest member of your family but also about capturing some of those first few moments together as a bigger family and that’s exactly what we did. Big brother Ollie was right by my side helping me not only take photos but ensuring his baby sister was ok. He counted her fingers, counted her toes and gave her his favourite toy when she started to cry. So, very sweet. And when he pulled out his guitar towards the end of the session to serenade her back to sleep with a bit of ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star’, i thought how sweet those photos are going to be to both of them when they’re all grown up. x


Melbourne, the city I call home. I moved to Melbourne with my family as a teenager. I moved around a bit over the years but happily found my way back here. Melbourne has so many beautiful pockets to it and such a variety of scenery that the photo opportunities really are endless.


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