Our sweet baby boy, Harrison

Newborn Photos in Melbourne

World, meet Harrison. Harrison meet world. He made his entrance on a Sunday morning late January. Funny story is, I almost had him in the hospital gift shop because I thought I had more time than I did. But luckily we made it up to a room and we got to finally meet. Along with the craziness that comes with a newborn, I didn’t take as many photos over this time as I would’ve liked to have but these are some of my favourites. There’s a lot of close-up photos because it’s those newborn details I want to hold on to. And that is me in a couple of the photos. I’m lucky that Hubby is pretty good with a camera these days.
That last photo of my two babies together is most definitely my favourite photo I have E V E R taken. The way she’s holding him with so much maturity at the age of 4 just melts me. And then that bruise on her left knee, reminds me again that she is just 4. She’s been asking for a baby for a long time and I can already see, he is so lucky to have her.


Melbourne, the city I call home. I moved to Melbourne with my family as a teenager. I moved around a bit over the years but happily found my way back here. Melbourne has so many beautiful pockets to it and such a variety of scenery that the photo opportunities really are endless.


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