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Family/Maternity Photos in Melbourne

This was my very first shoot in Melbourne and it really couldn’t have been sweeter. This mom-to-be was 37 weeks pregnant and already has a little girl, who’s almost 3. I knew it was important for her to have some photos with not only her bump but also of her little girl. And we literally had too many to choose from! Being a lifestyle photographer, I love being given the opportunity to come into people’s homes and capture a snippet of their world. It’s especially great with toddlers, because it’s where they’re most comfortable and we end of having the most fun, which we did!


Melbourne, the city I call home. I moved to Melbourne with my family as a teenager. I moved around a bit over the years but happily found my way back here. Melbourne has so many beautiful pockets to it and such a variety of scenery that the photo opportunities really are endless.

Pasco Vale, North Melbourne

Pasco Vale is a suburb 10km north of Melbourne CBD.


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