Family Photos in Mount Dandenong

Family Photos in Melbourne

The Peters family were a lot of fun to photograph. We took these photos in the Dandenong ranges and in typical Melbourne style, we had to reschedule due to rain but only once, which I guess is not bad for mid-winter.
Most families get photos done when they have their babies and maybe a couple of times when their babies are toddlers or a little bit older. But then life gets busy and older kids are more reluctant to have their photos taken, which means a lot of families never get around to it. But just remember, your kids will never look the same as they do right now. I’m sure these pre-teen girls are going to look a whole lot different in a couple of years, which makes these photos even more special.


Melbourne, the city I call home. I moved to Melbourne with my family as a teenager. I moved around a bit over the years but happily found my way back here. Melbourne has so many beautiful pockets to it and such a variety of scenery that the photo opportunities really are endless.

The Dandenong Ranges

The Dandenong Ranges are situated East of Melbourne and are filled with many of my favourite places. There are so many beautiful locations within them that make for a perfect backdrop. One thing I especially love about the Dandenong Ranges, is that it is diverse and beautiful in all seasons.


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