Autumn Wedding – Germany

Wedding Photos in Germany

This wedding was held in the beautiful month of ‘Golden October’ and in one of Munich’s most stunning castle gardens. Martina & Matthias decided to have their couple shoot before their ceremony and I got to capture the moment they first saw each other. It was perfect. We felt the autumn chill but I’m so glad these 2 were happy to brave the cold because their photos are simply stunning. It’s also common to surprise the couple with a few games at their wedding reception and I must say, these were some of the most entertaining games I’ve seen. This wedding not only had the perfect backdrop & setting but it was packed full of fun.



Bavaria, Germany. Bavaria is a state in the South-East of Germany. It's a very picturesque state with it's well-known castles, beautiful churches and lakes and gardens. I lived here for 3,5 years and very much enjoyed the different photo opportunities.


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